Property Investor Breakthrough Night!

Everyone seeks financial freedom, but it's not often that an opportunity comes along that has the ability to make it happen.

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Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect from our Property Investor Breakthrough Night

Do you want to secure your financial future?

So many Australians think that money troubles are just an ordinary part of life. They have these dreams that they would love to achieve, but they simply don’t have the money to make it possible. Maybe they want to travel the world, or spend more time with their family, or devote more money to their hobbies and passions. All of these are admirable goals, but they are also expensive. With the right investment strategy, they don’t have to be unobtainable.

Here’s the challenge: How do you even go about investing? What’s the right strategy? How do you know what to look for? What preparations does an investor need to make? Most people don’t have the answers to these questions, so they let the opportunity to invest pass them by.

At our Property Investor Breakthrough Night, you’ll learn about our investment strategy that delivers above-market returns, and takes the hassle away from you.

Take action now and discover an opportunity to set yourself up for the future.

When? Late February 2018 (TBC). You can already sign-up below!

It’s not all learning, though! We also have some great prizes up for grabs which we’ll raffle off on the night.

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What are the strategies you’ll learn on the day?

There are thousands of investment strategies out there, but very few of them achieve the same return of 17.5% per annum that our method targets.  By using our investment opportunity, you can generate passive income, build a property portfolio, use compounding interest to exponentially grow your wealth, and pay off your mortgage in less than 10 years.

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Our Investments are Different

On the night you’ll discover that:

  1. The obstacles that people think are holding them back can be overcome
  2. It is possible to earn returns from an investment in only two years
  3. How to invest in a stress-free manner
  4. Investing doesn’t have to be time-consuming
  5. Investing can be a collaborative effort
  6. Why property is a superb vehicle for investing
  7. You can become a member of a larger community of like-minded investors
  8. Innovative technology is making the investment process easier than ever

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What Property Investor Breakthrough Night attendees are saying:

“One year ago I bought my first property to live in. I just recently signed a contract to invest in a rental property, and now because I have two, I’m trying to look for strategies and assistance to build my property portfolio.”

“When we first started on that journey, we actually had a difficult financial situation. One financier knocked us back, but the guys here at Full Circle got on it straightaway and found us a new one… they got it done for us.”

The Property Investor Breakthrough Night is for people who:

  • Are tired of being held back by a lack of money
  • Have goals that they want to achieve
  • Want to improve themselves and their lot in life
  • Are thinking about investing

Why come to the Property Investor Breakthrough Night?

  • Learn how property investment can generate the wealth you need to live life to the fullest
  • Meet other like-minded investors and entrepreneurs, and make new connections
  • Hear from Entrepreneurs and Full Circle Co-founders Garry and Michael Pesochinsky
  • Be inspired by investors who’ve implemented these strategies and achieved the results you’re looking for


Hear from successful entrepreneurs

Michael & Garry Pesochinsky

Garry Pesochinsky and his brother Michael Pesochinsky are the co-founders of Full Circle Investment Group, a Melbourne-based financial advisory, property, and investment firm.

The Pesochinsky Brothers established Full Circle in 2005 to deliver straightforward financial and property investment advice to Australian consumers. Garry and Michael are committed to helping as many Australians as possible enjoy financial freedom. They are experts in delivering tailored finance and property options to meet clients’ individual needs and take a holistic approach to financial management to set clients up for success.


Full Circle Investment Group

Full Circle Investment Group is always on the lookout for investment opportunities for our clients. Everybody has different needs, different goals, and is in a different situation. Full Circle does not just help their clients achieve financial wealth – they help their clients achieve every kind of wealth. By making their clients financially independent, those clients can focus on their goals, instead of worrying about money.Whatever they want to do, Full Circle empower their clients so that they can do it.There’s more to life than just the bottom line, and by getting to know their clients, Full Circle can make a financial plan that will allow them to live the life they want.

When? Late February 2018 (TBC). You can already sign-up below!

It’s not all learning, though! We also have some great prizes up for grabs which we’ll raffle off on the night.

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