Progressing to a New Future
Sky's the Limit #007

In today's episode, Garry and Michael visit some exciting developments in Brisbane that represent years of hard work being realised.

Episode #007 of Sky’s the Limit documents Garry and Michael’s recent trip to Brisbane for a final inspection of a property development that Full Circle managed on behalf of our Syndicate community, and the opening of a new Full Circle office in Brisbane.

This was an incredibly rewarding experience for the Pesochinsky Brothers, as they finally got to witness two years of hard work come to fruition: their dream project was now a tangible property development.

They also looked at the new Full Circle Property office which is being set-up in Brisbane. Now that Full Circle has people on the ground in Brisbane, we will be able to find better opportunities, faster.

With these two major goals now accomplished, the Garry and Michael will be able to focus on achieving newer and even more ambitious goals, and progressing to a new future.

After all, the sky’s the limit.

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