Mark Hucul

When we first started on that journey, we actually had a difficult financial situation. One financier knocked us back, but the guys here at Full Circle got on it straightaway and found us a new one... they got it done for us.


A Full Circle Investment Group Review

We had to go through a whole new process to get it done, but it was good to have Full Circle at my side. I’ve got no idea how wealth creation and that type of stuff works, but they did it for me.

What I noticed about the investment property process at Full Circle was the diverse range of people that I worked with – every time we talked about something new there was another specialist available to talk to us. What I found going to other financial planners is that you only go to one person, and you start to wonder if they really know their stuff or they’re just reading off a script.

No one at Full Circle reads off a script. They know their stuff, and they just do it.

-Mark Hucul

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